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Blue meaning
Signification du bleu The Blue Color reminds us first of all the nature and infinite since reminded us directly to the sea and the sky.
Blue is a color that symbolizes peace, calm, serenity, freshness but also the sensitivity.
White meaning
Signification du blanc White represents mainly positive values such as purity, balance or innocence. It also makes us think of the calm, peace and serenity.
It provides light and gives a fresh feeling.
Gray meaning
Signification du gris Gray Color is rather negative values since it is a dull color.
It symbolizes sadness, depression, confusion, loneliness and monotony.
Yellow meaning
Signification du jaune Yellow is a cheerful and lively color that represents joy, energy, France tone and vitality.
It can also symbolize the sweetness and intelligence.
Because it is the color of gold, it also refers to the wealth and opulence.
Brown meaning
Signification du marron Brown is a color that makes us think of nature as it is the color of earth, tree trunks and even fur of some animals. It therefore refers to the animal and plant world.
This is why the brown symbolizes values such as natural, rustic, strength, stability, warmth, comfort but also softness and insurance.

Black meaning
Signification du noir Black is a color that symbolizes dull rather negative values.
Black reminds us of the fear, the anxiety, the unknown, loss, emptiness and death.
Orange meaning
Signification de l'orange Orange is a very bright color that symbolizes values such as courage, intelligence, loyalty, trust and mistrust simultaneously albeit conflicting values.
It also represents heat and radiation.
Pink meaning
Signification du rose Pink is a color that symbolizes the positive values rather like innocence, sweetness, romance, sweet.
This color can also be calm, peace, serenity, tranquility and confidence.
Red meaning
Signification du rouge Red is a color that has temperament. It can symbolize several conflicting values together like love and hate, life and death.
It also represents passion, temptation, fire, blood, forbidden, emotion, anger, aggression, strength, power, power, luxury, energy, perseverance, fight and determination.
Green meaning
Signification du vert Green is a color that is reminiscent of nature, it is natural,and it represents balance, permission and freshness but it can also symbolize happiness, harmony, success, energy, optimism, youth, peace, serenity.
Purple meaning
Signification du violet Purple is a color that symbolizes subtlety, mystery, romance, idealism, protection and melancholy.
It also symbolizes freshness, purity, peace and luxury.

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