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Colors list
The color can influence our emotions, our actions and our conception of things, ideas and people. Many researchers are studying the impact of color on our daily lives.
The appreciation of different color palettes is a personal matter, each one find himself in a theme or a preferred tone.
Y can choose colors just by instinct, or by the COLOR CODE, but it can be much more complicated than one might think.
Each color has its own qualities, hot or cold tones give different impressions and differents results in decoration .
Once we understand the meaning and impression of any color, the role of complementary colors, combining colors ,then we can predict outcomes and understand the effect of combining and using colors.
This site allows you to have an introduction about the colour world (PRIMARY COLORS, secondary, tertiary, complementary , hot, cold ....), Their meanings , with what other color can one olor be associated , and other concepts ...
This site also offers a list of colors with different color codes HTML, RGB, and CMYK.
Finally you will find universal online color swatches , such as RAL or PANTONE, with their different codes and names.
On this section you will find HTML, RGB or CMYK codes for different colors.
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Nuancier RAL   RAL chart
The RAL is a color chart used specially in the engineering and construction field, The RAL colors are made from a wide range of shades , which is also used in industry and road safety ... Free RAL chart ...
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Nuancier Pantone   Pantone chart
The Pantone is a chart primarily used in the graphic area, costumes and artistic fields as well as in the field of printing, billboards and brochures design ... Free PANTONE chart...
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Blue Color   "Blue" Color
"Blue" Color is one of the three PRIMARY COLORS with green and red. Meaning of the "Blue" Color ... Blue represents peace, serenity, calm ... The color codes and different shades of blue ...
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Red Color   Red Color
Red is one of three primary colors ... there'd Meaning of color ... In decorating, red gives an impression of the modern ... color codes and different shades of red ...
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